Your Session

Your SignOn Session

As a registered SignOn user, you can use our Web-based portal to purchase and schedule sessions with our Deaf ASL Ambassador at your convenience – the beauty of the virtual world! Our virtual program gives you the ability to choose sessions that fit your lifestyle.

Before a scheduled session, our Deaf ASL Ambassador will be aware of and prepared to work on specific requests made by you. You can tailor the session to meet your personal learning goals.

Once connected, the Deaf ASL Ambassador will introduce themselves and ask the ASL Learner to do the same. Following this brief greeting, the 30-minute session will get underway.


Your Ambassador

We want to give you as many opportunities to sign with as many different people as possible. For this reason, we do not allow you to pick who your Deaf ASL Ambassador will be. This will allow you to experience unique, authentic conversations with different individuals.


After the Session…

After each session, your Deaf ASL Ambassador is required to fill out a feedback form which gets sent directly to you. This allows you to reflect and learn from your individual sessions. The feedback is based on five criteria:

  1. Sign Production, Quality, and Clarity
  2. Facial Expressions
  3. ASL Structure
  4. Vocabulary Knowledge
  5. How nervous was the ASL Learner?


It’s time for you to connect, practice and retain! Register Here